60 Yr Old Birthday Gifts | 5 Thoughtful 60th Birthday Gift Ideas For Women

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5 Thoughtful 60th Birthday Gift Ideas For Women


Hi, everyone, it’s Margaret Manning here. Welcome to 16 me. Thank you so much for being here. Hope that you’re having a great day wherever you are and that you know, you’re just doing something. Good for yourself today. I started my day with my cup of tea as I always do. It’s some Achutha. It’s a pucker. It’s charmant, a cassis, so it’s a black currant and berry drink. It’s really nice and refreshing and. I’ve got it in a nice little red mug here, but anyway. Oh, it smells good too. I hope that you’re having a nice cup of tea or drink her coffee too. Because I think there’s nothing that gets. The day started by just making some tea and just doing nothing else, you know? Just sitting down relaxing, and you just doing a little meditation or mindfulness and getting getting off to a good start with the day. So thank you again for being here now today. I want to talk about something. That is kind of fun, and it’s really an article. That’s more for your friends and your kids than it is for you as a 60 year old woman, but it’s all about gift giving so. I wanted to chat with you about what you like to receive as a gift and I’ve got a birthday myself coming up soon, and so I’m thinking people I’m sure will ask me. What would you like for your birthday and I’ll say, oh, no, I don’t need anything. Don’t bother and nothing. You know, and you always do that. Don’t you and some people genuinely mean it because we are downsizing and we don’t particularly want. You know to keep adding to our collection of things, but you know, sometimes there’s that thoughtfulness that comes with the appropriate gift. You know, with a thoughtful gift that can really honestly make all the difference in the world. So let’s chat a little bit about birthday gifts for a 60th birthday lets. See what what did you get? I mean, dude, if you’re past 60 What did you get for your 60th birthday? Do you remember? And what did you want to get as a gift? But I think it’s important that we focus on the trends that that older women these days are are making in terms of gift-giving. We may say we don’t want anything, but there’s that opportunity to say that you love. You know, there’s love and there’s companionship and friendship, and and that your family cares about you by taking the time to to make something or create something for your special day. So what are some ideas, cash or creative? Maybe that’s the big buckets. I mean, when we’ve asked this question before a lot of women will say, you know, a gift card would be great. You know. Give me a gift card from my favorite store or a gift card for a spa or somewhere. I can go and treat myself and that’s that’s me. I’m done, that’s great birthday present and that may be perfect for you. I know I’ve had. I’ve had that a gift certificate for a spa and it was unbelievable. I had a really wonderful time. It was, it was precious, but it was, it was partly because I really needed it. I was going through a bit of a stressful time and that person knew that that was gonna be the right thoughtful gift for me. But in general credit cards are a good option. Would you agree? Okay, So that’s one option. Then you can go the other extreme, and you can go to the creative extreme where you don’t necessarily spend anything on the gift where you just make something you, perhaps? You’ve got some talent that you could have a friend. Kathy Kathleen, whose friend makes her a stained glass piece every birthday because he’s an excellent stained glass maker, and he just knows that she loves it and that’s her her gift every every year for her birthday. But maybe you’ve got a gift, a talent that you could, you know, make something for? Europe for the person another thing is to get your grandkids to help make a present like little mugs and things they can paint and there’s all kinds of thoughtful, creative gifts that you can that you can give to someone celebrating their 60th or 70th birthday. So every woman, of course, has we have our unique little bucket list, right. I mean, there are things that we’d like to do, and we maybe just don’t have the money or don’t feel like allocating the money to do those those things. So for example, the key here is to pay attention when you’re talking to the person at 60 I think and whenever they say I’ve always wanted to Dot Dot, don’t. Say anything like, oh, that would be a great present. Just think that person, my mom or my grandmother has just just said. I always have wanted to go glassblowing. I’ve always wanted to always want to learn how to cook sushi. Make sushi. I’ve always wanted to learn how to I don’t know whatever and when they say I’ve always wanted to know how then you know that the gifts you buy is gonna be completely aligned with what they love to do. It’s really simple, but I think, um, you, there’s certain things that that are so meaningful to two mothers, for example, making a collage of pictures or getting the grandchildren to put together a little card. I mean, these things, honestly, you could. You could say $100 or this cut and I would take the the card. Maybe maybe you’d be have a different view, but you know the point here is that if you, you know, have the time and the ability to just do something like a collage of pictures or just a little memory book or a poet, a little set of poems, a scrapbook that is always. I think a lovely gift. Do you agree? I think that for me that was that would always be a special gift and it’s the quest very little cost involved. You can do it electronically now. You can put these little things together online and send them an email, But you know, that gets me to the next point, which is bottom line a lot of women in they’re celebrating their 60th birthday or their 65th or whatever would say. The best gift in the world would be to spend time with my family or spend time with my partner or with the people that I love with my friends. Get together with a bunch of girls and just do something that you love. If you’re not with, you know with someone, but it’s that idea of just doing something together, you know, having an experience that you remember on your birthday rather than having, you know, necessarily a gift. That, of course, can be beautiful but unbalanced. I think that’s what a lot of older women would choose and I guess. Finally, there’s another couple of ideas here. There’s there are like experiential gifts. You can give those companies like. Is it cloud9 living in the US or activity gifts calm in the UK where you can do those things, you know, like you can do the Oh. I don’t know, hang gliding or jumping out of a plane or going on a racecar for the day or taking a picnic on the top of a mountain. They do all these crazy activity-based gifts, and then, of course, the personalized gifts from there’s red bubble and gourmet gift baskets. There’s some names in the article here that you can read the hamper. Emporium, I’m sure you’ve all got your favorites and would love to know them where you can get a personalized gift. You know where you know that the person you’re buying a gift For, like certain things, just put them together in a personalized hamper. And you know, another thing you can do is give a gift to our favorite charity, you know? I mean. Do you think that would be a nice gift for your birthday is to have someone give a gift for your favorite charity. I think it’s a nice idea. You have to be so careful with these charities these days or that the money is actually going where they say it’s going, but a lot of people do have a passion for animals, and we’d be so happy for you to give a donation to the veterinary hospital or the the pet. Uh, you know, rescue organization in your town. So that’s another thing to do. And, of course, another idea is to give healthy gifts. Give something that’s going to show you care about her health. It could be a gym certificate. It could be a hamper of healthy food or a gift certificate to a healthy health food store. You know, these are just kinds of just ideas of personalized gifts are just for the. You know, just for a woman that you that you care about as. I said this this kind of article. I’m talking as I’m talking to the person That’s gonna buy you the gift, but I’d love to get your feedback. Am I heading in the right direction here? And you can always leave your feedback below. I think there’s one final thing I would recommend, or if you’re completely lost to buy a gift for a woman of any age. Really, there’s. One thing you can buy that will always always always be popular. And that is flowers. I love getting flowers. I always dream of coming home as having a big bunch of flowers by my door. It doesn’t happen too often, but you know that just like a surprise of flowers, and that’s why I, you know, I think just even a single rose. A single flower can make such a difference, so I hope that’s giving you some ideas, but the most important thing is to tell the people that are asking you. What gift would you like for your birthday? Just say whatever it is, make it. Thoughts will give it to me with, and you know you that you can say you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Just something that says something about our relationship that would be great. So that’s that’s just a fun little article on gift-giving and I’d love your feedback. On how what did you get? If you are so over 60 What was the present that you remember getting on your 60th birthday That really you’ve remembered? And what gift would you advise? Someone buying a woman turning 60 or 65 or any age over 60 What you think would be the best gift for them to purchase? I’d love your feedback and we can maybe put this together in an article. That would be a lot of fun so speaking of gifts. I have something to say and something to show. This is so sweet. I got a little box this week from his arena. Johnson Sarena. If you’re watching huge hug, big, thanks, huge kiss. She lives in Turin, Tottenham, Ontario. So she’s a Canadian woman, and I just want to thank you so much for this little present that you made for me. She knitted me a hat. It is so cute and, of course, it guess what color pink, but it is. It is actually really, really sweet. It’s soft and cuddly, and it’s a little warm today, but I’m gonna put it on anyway, because I kind of like turning it over it. Like a beret. I think that’s kind of cute. Isn’t that sweet? I just think it’s lovely. Thank you so much for this really thoughtful gift. I really appreciate it and that’s again thoughtful. It’s pink, It’s a hat as cuddly. It’s me and I really thank you so much. Reena, from the bottom of my heart, It’s wonderful to have it and to wear it. So have a wonderful day. Everybody tell us some what you got for your 60th birthday or what you would recommend someone purchasing for a woman’s milestone birthday, and we look forward to joining in the conversation and thanks. Sabrina, for the hat, it’s gorgeous! Take very good care. Everybody hope you have a wonderful day. We’ll talk again soon. Bye bye for now.