30th Birthday Gift Ideas For Girlfriend | Luxury Gift Ideas That People Actually Want

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Luxury Gift Ideas That People Actually Want


Is it actually possible to get a luxurious sophisticated gift on a budget? You know, if you stay until the end, I’m going to share with you. My absolute favorite gift and it’s actually the cheapest gift on this list, but it is so useful and it works on everybody. So make sure you watch until the end. My dear elegant newcomers. My name Is Anna. This Youtube channel is a taster of my online finishing school. For women who want to advance themselves in life, become more refined and achieve great success with the upper-class. If this is something you’re interested in visit wwwSchoolOfAffluencecom and start your transformation today. Ho ho ho, My elegant ladies! Christmas is literally around the corner while, okay, less than a month left and this week is Black Friday week. I think. Black Friday is ending either tomorrow or maybe end of the week, depending on the store. But I think now is a really good time to purchase some of those Christmas gifts. Ladies, when I’ve thought about these items that I’m going to present to you, I was thinking about people who have a refined taste. We want to give somebody. Maybe somebody who has a lot of money. Maybe somebody who has a lot of things already, or maybe you know it’s. Somebody who we want to look a little bit good at in front of. We want to give that person something a little bit more sophisticated than the kind of usual iTunes gift card from the grocery store downstairs. Do you know what I mean? What we give somebody does say something about ourselves. Sometimes people go all in on the spending mode, like they want to spend a lot of money on a gift because they feel like they will end up looking better in a person’s eye, the more they spend. I don’t think it necessarily has to be that way because there are actually many good, sophisticated gifts that you can give somebody that does not break the bank, and those are exactly the ones we’re going to cover. Also bear while keeping in mind that I’m keeping a bit of a budget around $200 $100 so it’s somewhere around that mark. Let me go straight into the gift that we’ve perhaps would give a boyfriend. Now, when it comes to gifting a man, I have actually created a separate video last year on this topic called. What To Gift Your Millionaire Boyfriend Now? I don’t want you to jump on that video just yet. Make sure you wash this one first, because it’s a little bit more relevant, but watch that one afterwards because it’s really going to go in-depth on items. You can gift a man. But I think men are actually not that complicated to by to as we sometimes paint in our heads. Now I also know that affluent men, a lot of them have a lot of things. They might not need anything and that can sometimes create a bit of a situation where you don’t know what to buy that person. As you know, I believe in classic items and even when it comes to gifting. I don’t think you should think twice about buying a pair of nice cufflinks. Let’s say you can get nice pair from Montblanc. Usually around $200 mark or a nice tie. I think a Burberry does nice, affordable ties. You can get Hermes tie. If you really want to spend, but that would be more than $200 or why not a nice little wallet. It’s a nice maybe cardholder. I think Saint Laurent has great ones. I have one actually, but you know, you can buy some really nice things for men. I mean, there’s some nice leather goods. You know, men are not complicated to buy to. You just keep it simple. Keep something that they will use. What men like as gifts are things that they will use because they’re practical people after all. Now, another thing that men enjoy are tech stuff. So let’s say AirPod’s. I think these little guys are really good to gift actually, anybody. The reason why I say so is because I’m on my third pair that even if that person has already AirPods or they had AirPods most likely, these are going to stop working one day, or maybe they will lose these. So you will want to give them something that they will use. Having a spare one, you know, it’s always handy to have. Maybe AirPod’s feels a bit too plain, but there are so many gadgets. You can give a man. Just go into the electronics shop and browse around. You will find something. A lot of affluent men are into wine. But make sure you know this before you go purchase something. So for those who are wine connoisseurs, I know, for a fact that getting a beautiful wine decanter is a highly appreciated gift And they exist in all kinds of price ranges. So it’s really up to you. How much you wants to spend, I would say? Maybe you should go for a brand that perhaps has a bit of reputation within wine and tableware and so on. Another gift that I actually think is not only useful for men but could be used by anybody who drinks wine. And that is this really clever invention. So let’s say you have a bottle of wine and you only want to drink a glass. If you open the cork, the wine is going to go bad on you, especially if you have a really nice bottle of wine. You don’t want to waste wine after all. Now I don’t know exactly how it works. So I’m going to improvise a little bit. But imagine like a little needle that you stick through the cork. You don’t actually remove the cork this needle? It starts kind of sucking the wine up, and then you choose how much wine you take or don’t take. And what’s really good? Is that this little thing it doesn’t let any air in into the bottle. So the wine actually can last for quite some time. It is a really good and useful tool. The majority of households don’t have one Now. What about your girlfriends? Obviously being a woman. It’s much easier to buy something for another woman. We can just go into the cosmetic or beauty department and buy literally anything. Things that I would Perhaps not buy is perfumes or maybe a lingerie or specific clothing, because it’s oftentimes so easy to get it wrong with women. And you don’t want to give somebody something that they’re just going to store away in that cupboard for re gifting. So keep it safe and keep it simple, I would say. You can definitely go and purchase classic gifts like Scarfs. There are many beautiful scarfs in all kinds of different price ranges, And you don’t necessarily have to go. Louis Vuitton or Gucci here. You can also actually buy a really nice non-branded scarf. Maybe it’s made out of really nice Cashmere material. Just something that is a bit more delicate and sophisticated, but it doesn’t cost a fortune because it doesn’t have a specific brand to it. Don’t forget that when we buy reputable brands, we actually pay a lot for their marketing. So when you buy things that are a little bit more like artesian goods, you’re not paying for any marketing and you’re actually winning because you’re getting as high quality for less the price. So this can be a good gift to give a sporty woman. Don’t give this to somebody who doesn’t exercise or maybe is a better chubby because that might send the wrong signal. But I think gifting somebody like a Fitbit Or like one of these fitness rings. Same as kind of Fitbit. There are many types of different variations. So I think this is a really good gift. I use them all the time. So if somebody would give this to me, it would be a very useful gift. And a lot of women are staying fit these days. So this is a really good gift around hundred $130-$150 maybe Mark. So other classical gifts again a cardholder? I know Gucci does really cute ones. If you have a funky friend who likes a little bit of color and so on, then definitely the Gucci cardholder Also. I think gloves is a really good a gift. And sometimes you don’t have to buy the boring black gloves. You can buy a nice pair of red leather gloves to your fashionista girlfriends. Once I actually received a beautiful pair of red gloves and I wore them so much and I told myself why have I never thought about buying something like this? Where we received these different types of gifts, then we really enjoy it. So when you’re going shopping for Christmas this season, make sure to think about. What if I give that person something. It doesn’t have to be crazy expensive, but something that you know they would like to have or they would use, but that they won’t necessarily go and purchase themselves. And it can be sometimes because of simple color, a simple design or just something. I don’t know they didn’t think of. If you don’t know this woman very well, let’s say it’s your acquaintances, then you perhaps don’t want to go very personal buying, you know, Scarfs and gloves and so on. So you can definitely buy a really nice $50 $70 $100 scented candle. Now, Diptyque has great ones, but there are so many brands. Joe Malone, for instance, as well where you can buy really nice, luxurious candles Again, some of us we purchase these things regularly, but there’s a lot of people out there that they would love to have an expensive scent of candle, but they would just not go and buy it themselves. So purchasing items like this during Christmas season is a clever move. So I think a scented candle. Although it sounds very basic, it is actually quite a good gift. But before we continue, I want to share with you. Something that I learned from the Swiss Finishing School that I attended last summer. We had a billionaire butler who came and had some classes and they also had some one on one sessions with him. Very highly experienced gentleman who worked with like billionaire households. So there was one tip in particular that he shared with us. He said that, and, of course, this makes a lot of sense in billionaire households because obviously their funds tend to be more limited than in regular households. But I think we all can, you know, find inspiration from these things and use it in the one way or another? So he was telling me that one thing to think about. Whenever you find a good gift if it’s for instance, a really nice sweater that you know, people just love wearing. Maybe it’s nice because it’s soft cashmere material, beautiful works and all body shapes, whatever. Or maybe it’s let’s say a book or something that, you know really works with most people. He said, buy it in bulk and stock up in your storage because you will be needing this over the years and you can just gift it and gift it and gift it for whenever occasion arises. Now he’s said that they would definitely always have stock. Let’s say 20 cashmere sweaters in the storage that they would use for gifts. Whenever, for instance, they randomly had to go over to somebody’s house. Maybe somebody had invited them and you would always bring a gift when you go to somebody’s house. So instead of like panic. Oh, my God, what am I going to buy? Let me run to the grocery store and buy that stupid iTunes gift card or Netflix gift card that makes you look totally unsophisticated. Instead, you have your own little stash that you can just take from and take from and take from when needed, And it also reduces the stress around Christmas because sometimes we have ideas and sometimes we don’t. So what are we going to do? Kill ourselves in between. No Christmas should be fun, right. It should be fun shopping for people and you shouldn’t be feeling like. Oh, my God, I’m doing this, even though I hate doing this, and I wish I didn’t have to. So that was a very good tip from him. And I think you know. Even if you don’t afford buying 20 cashmere sweaters, you could see how you could translate this so that it fits to your daily life. Okay, ladies, I want to move on and talk about the elderly. And when I say elderly, I’m not talking only about grandparents, but I’m also talking about parents and anybody who is a little bit more senior. Maybe it’s your parents in law. Maybe it is a teacher, a mentor or good family friends. Regardless of who it is, the point is that the elderly, they tend to have a little bit of a different mindset of what they appreciate and what they would like from somebody. I don’t necessarily think a pair of Apple AirPods or a Gucci cardholder would work with them as well as it would perhaps in my previous examples. So since I’m talking about quality and I already mentioned the cashmere sweater. I actually think anything like that is a really good gift for somebody. Maybe over the age of 50 You can, of course, get it to people under the age of 50 too. But, you know, I’m just generalizing here a little bit now. I think having a really nice high quality sweater keeps them. Warm keeps them. Happy keeps them cozy. Another really good gift that I personally love. So if anybody ever wants to give me a gift cashmere socks. Here I am. Bring it on! Trust me. If you live in a winter climate, you do enjoy a nice pair of soft, cozy cashmere socks. They warm your feet and also feels luxurious when you wear them. And they are not necessarily very expensive. So maybe around $100 mark. So those are really good gifts. The same goes for gloves as well. Get a nice pair of quality leather gloves with cashmere lining. They will love it and they will think about you every time they wear it. And that’s what the elderly love. The elderly also enjoy having things that they can eat or drink. Oftentimes, they enjoy cooking. So one of the things that I think is a really good idea to bring somebody. Perhaps that you don’t know very well, but to whom you still want to leave a really good impression to maybe it is your boyfriend’s parents. They inviting you for dinner and you want to bring something as gratitude and you know that they’re not drinking. So you can’t bring them an expensive wine bottle, which is usually a foolproof way. When you’re invited to somebody’s house Instead. Get them a really nice olive oil. Olive oil is really underestimated, Especially if you get a really nice one organic. Maybe it’s cold pressed. Maybe it’s straight from this really rustic little farm somewhere in France. This olive oil that I’m showing to you right now. I actually discovered myself when I went a few times to the restaurant in Paris called Joel Robuchon and we were having this fantastic olive oil. Every time we were there and in the end. I said to myself! I need to have this one. So I took a picture. I managed to Google it and I found and also they have an online shop. So to my excitement, I ordered loads of bottles and I started gifting them away and they were really appreciated gifts because this olive oil is by far one of the best olive oils. I’ve had! If you want to stay in the Italian region, then gifting somebody that has to do something with truffle from Alba is to recommend, and it’s also very sophisticated. You can, for instance, order from specific truffle shops, the sourcer truffle directly from this region. Let’s say you buy some really nice white truffles, and you add a nice truffle shaver next to it. Like a little gift and you gift it to somebody who first of all likes truffle. You got to know that they like truffled. But even if you don’t know, usually, people do, and it’s always a very highly appreciated gift, and it’s also very neutral. I can give it to any gender, so this will definitely be a good choice. And now you’ve been wanting to know. What is the absolute cheapest? But best gift that I think used the tip of the billionaire butler? Stock up on these. Because believe me, ladies. This is a really good gift and why I actually wanted to really highlight. This gift is because it’s so affordable. I am going to talk now about what to give the acquaintances because the problem with them sometimes is that you don’t want to give a gift. That is too personal. You don’t want to have it a little awkward, too intimate moments where you’re giving them something that you know like. You don’t really know them that well. So you shouldn’t be giving them that. A friend of mine was actually going to a birthday party. She called me, and she asked me listen. I have no idea what to buy. Do you have any ideas? I don’t know this guy at all. He’s a acquaintances. I just know him through friends, and he invited me to his birthday party. We’re not romantically involved anything. What am I going to bring him? I can understand the panic in that situation. Because at one point, I also blanked until I realized this amazing thing that I had bought recently and I’m going to show you Ultimate Toys For Men. This is a really good book to give a man that you don’t know well, but that you know he will highly appreciate it. Coffee table books are great to get acquaintances, especially if you’re invite it to their house. This just makes so much sense to bring unless you want to bring that famous wine bottle. That is a classic staple piece. But if you want to spice things up a little bit, get a coffee table book. And usually they are around $50 mark. You can also get for. Let’s say $100 depends on which one but for a man. I would definitely give this one. This one is really good because you have all kinds of different gadgets. You have cars, watches, yachts, things that kind of educates the affluent man about things that he should know, or maybe it dreams about. There’s a lot of beautiful imagery inside, but if you are going to give a coffee table book, let’s say to a woman. Then I would definitely recommend the Hermes one. It is just beautiful and how it would lay on her coffee table with all those colors. I mean. Hermes has such a chic and sophisticated brand. So that’s why it would be a very sophisticated gift to give. If it’s a married couple or as a couple that you are gifting a coffee table book, then maybe you can buy on a topic that you know that they appreciate. Maybe it’s about wine. Maybe it’s about travel. Maybe it’s something about anything. There are coffee table books about anything. Some topics are so general. You can just brainstorm in the bookstore and see what comes up. For the artsy lovers, you can get them some nice, affordable, small pieces of art. It can also be photography art. It can be something you bought in a nice boutique in the museum. They usually have some really cute pieces. That are not expensive at all, but that perhaps the more art loving person would appreciate. Now there is a gift that I thought was really cute. And if you look at it, you will understand why. This is a foreign board game and I think board games today are highly neglected and I think we really should reintroduce them and they work as a perfect gift. You can offer a beautiful monopoly set. That is a little bit more high-end and not necessarily the one you buy in the kid’s store, but maybe one that is a little bit more luxurious to it. Same goes with the board of chess, or I also know that Hermes does a nice play cards also not too expensive, but buying these small board games, it almost makes the statement of we are not spending enough time in our society today with each we’re too much on our phones. Let’s connect over a board game and I think a lot of people feel this way. So, for this reason, this type of gift would be highly appreciated of anyone or has a bit of class. You know what, ladies? Not all gifts have to be wow. Not all gifts have to be. There’s so much thought went to so much time so much effort. And I think people who are a bit perfectionistic. I am one of those. We sometimes overthink the gifts, but you know what? Sometimes you just have to give somebody something. Classic something fun. Something simple. Something that you just show them that? I thought of you. I wanted to give you something that I think you will like. It might not necessarily be the best ever gift you received, but you know what? Christmas is about showing each other, some love some appreciation and some thought. Because after all, we don’t always do it. So now is the time to do so. I think if you want to appear sophisticated, and you want to give somebody something elegant, it’s not necessarily about giving that mastermind perfected gift or something that just shows that you took that person into consideration. And this is just something small, something to show a little bit of appreciation and that is very elegant and very sophisticated. As I was telling you in the beginning of this video, men can be really tricky when it comes to gifts. That’s why I created this video that really goes into depth. What things you can gift your affluent boyfriend? Especially if he has everything I will see you in that video. Merry Christmas to everybody.