30th Birthday Gift For Husband | Surprising My Husband With His Dream Presents.. 30th Birthday Surprise!! *very Emotional*


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Surprising My Husband With His Dream Presents.. 30th Birthday Surprise!! *very Emotional*


No more surprises yet. Oh, so good, he’s reading my dad’s card, and I guarantee he’s crying another bloody surprise! Oh, my god, I can’t believe we’ve got this. [MUSIC] Baby love, wake up it’s! Your birthday’s, baby baby. It’s your birthday morning. Sweet boy. How are you? How are you happy birthday? My love of my life, you’re fatty. Oh, my god, I love you! I love you, I’m so excited to spend the day celebrating you. I can’t wait a day filled with just love for you all day and every day for the rest of my life. Yes, I’m 30 I’m so grateful I get to spend your birthday with you. I love you! I love you, okay. You need to relax here now, and I’m going to sort stuff out, but a little better than this for the camera on the birthday. Do you need a hand? No, baby, it’s your birthday. Oh, my god, I bought a tray. Oh, my god, wait! Can you see this people? Oh, my god, look, sit up like the prince that you are. Oh, my God, baby, Look, I portray. Oh, my gosh, will it sit? I need to sit up a little bit more. Don’t worry, okay, sit up, baby. Sit up! We’ve never done this before we’ve never done this before. This is special there we go. I’ve made you tea and look. I bought these cups That are like our wedding cups. Very nice, Fresh orange juice, Your favorite omelette and some bacon. That’s not bacon because we don’t eat a pork little piggies anymore. No, the only thing I forgot. I got you a badge, but the only thing I forgot is a newspaper because I know you would have loved that newspaper don’t. It might be showing my age. People made you cheese omelettes very nice. And hopefully you like that bacon. I mean, I know you. We don’t have it. I love you happy birthday breakfast in bed. Boy, don’t open your card yet. Granddad Peters with us as we’ll Grab that Peter Robinson set him on his button, don’t. Open your card yet. Oh, look, its tray. I never bought the tray. Didn’t know. Don’t open your car. Jack’s has got a thing like something in there to say something. Yeah, but I want you to open your little presents first. Lovely, too nice. I came and enjoy it lovely. Thank you very much. Oh, my god, I look like such a state right now. Oh, my goodness, I need to sort myself out, so he doesn’t know this yet, but I’ve got a whole day planned, and he’s got some surprises coming, and he’s also got some surprise presents, which he doesn’t know about which I’m so excited for him to see. So I’m gonna take you on the day with him with his birthday today. Taking him out doing stuff, surprising him and giving him some surprise presents, so fingers crossed. My plan works. I’m going to go and sort my face out. Now open all my cards. Yeah, one from Hugo. Yeah, my dad, me kind of pizza on the top. Yeah, very nice. Oh, Grandma, she loves a check, lovely. This is from my mother-in-law and Banco. So that’s very nice. Yeah, from my nan and my 91 year old man. And she’s still sending me money for my birthday. Thank you very much. You’ve got some really nice presents as well. Lovely colors got a nice bracelet. Yeah, okay, so these are small ones from me. Just small ones, because obviously we’re saving for a house at the moment, and you don’t need to justify anything. No, okay, okay, be quiet. I didn’t wrap anything up either. I just left it. A little bit need to wrap anything up. I’m grateful you have to open these before you open my car, Poppy. Wow, the ordinary. This stuff is going to sort my skin out. Yes, we’ve been working on his skin lately. We’ve been doing like cerave stuff and stuff, haven’t we? Yes, but we didn’t have any of this stuff, so I ordered it from America because it’s all sold out on the UK side nice. I got you everything, so you. Yeah, so you were bagging me? Yeah, telling me it was sold out, but hasn’t it was in the UK? I ordered it from from America. I ordered it from New York. Why I thought Skincare was a good thing because we wanted yeah. He’s desperate to sort his skin out. Oh, it’s a little clear one again. You know, your skin’s amazing. Thank you, you’ll have to make sure it’s a white one, because we’ve got so many clear ones, okay, and then is there one more in there? Yes, there is. I think there is popular. There’s quite a few. Thank you very much, it’s. Okay, puppy love. Chop it back in ill. I’ll do it for you, okay then. This one is for today, okay for today. A gift for you. Okay, lovely. Wow, yeah. We’ve got a lovely outfit. Yeah, look, I got you there because you wanted some cuffs. But also jogger sort of smart trousers. Yeah, definitely, I got you some khaki linen ones. But they’ve also got an elasticated waist. How nice are they? Yeah, they’re really nice and on the model. He just rolled them up at the bottom. I am the model, you are the model, so they’re nice. You have to wear this today. Yeah, it’s very nice. Nice, nice outfit. Very nice. Some trainers or something. Yeah, definitely nice little luna shirt. Yeah, very nice. Perfect, because it’s gonna be quite hot today. Thank you very much, okay, and then you can have my card. Now, okay, my world, you are my world I have to. I have to glue it. Stick it down because it wasn’t sticking down the card anywhere else. If I have that with envelopes, they just don’t know if they don’t do it properly so long as kind of ever it. I think a couple of pages love reading. Her book started reading the vowels again, I know. Did we ever save them or like? Write them down somewhere. We should have printed them on. Yeah, I love you. I love you so much. I mean, every word of that. I love you honestly. Oh, my heart, my best friend. That’s a lovely card. There’s another cup. There’s another page it’s. Not I’ve got, it’s finished out. Oh, what’s another page? Oh, wow, really, no way seriously. Yes, nice got my own wetsuit. He wants a wetsuit. Who’s wanted one for ages regripping on my golf clubs? Yeah, yes, and a weekend away in a log cabin with a hot tub. I thought that’d be amazing when everything gets back to you. I thought that’d be such a nice thing for us to do because you wanted to do that. For so long, like, literally cut off. Yeah, I found some some amazing ones. So yeah, we’ll, obviously book it for next year. Yeah, perfect, yeah. Oh, my god, I’m so lucky! Yeah, oh, my god, wow, suck a phone. Oh, they’re cute! I made them yeah, and then printed them off, that’s. Very, oh, thank you so much I love you. I know how much you love Wetsuits. Because we’re in Australia. You really wanted a wetsuit? I know you really want your golf clubs to regret what she’s got a wetsuit and a scarf and then, wow, I’m so lucky. Say, I got one more. What no, no more one more! My incredible husband, my beautiful best friend. My perfect companion. My number one. So along with a surprise at the end of this video. I wanted to list 30 reasons why I love you so much. I mean, you get so excited. You start shaking. You look as though you’re about to take off and fly. I love I love how excited you get. When you cook a meal for me, how you stand, though no way, how are you doing? What oh, my god! Oh, my god, no! Yeah, oh, my gosh! Oh, my god, oh, my god, I can’t believe we’ve got this. Oh, my god, this is the greatest present! Oh, my god, and I’ve never seen that. When I saw it, I was like, Oh, wow, we got married there. [APPLAUSE] [Music] amazing! I’ve got more stuff as well showing your conflicts. This is the best birthday present. I remember being there, like, literally coming up to you just thinking. Oh, my God, is he okay, because we haven’t seen you. We haven’t seen each other. Oh, baby loves [Music]. Oh, my God, dear friends and family. I would like to welcome all of you to this wedding blessing. Ceremony [Music]. When I was a young man, I always trapped. You lovely, compassionate person. I have ever known you. I promise to be there for you in the middle of the night when you’re in pain with your stomach and lying with [Music] I will love you harder and deeper than the moment [Music]. I will cherish every day as if it’s our last. I love you every day. [MUSIC] until [Music] I’m so glad every single day for the rest of our lives, probably see this. It’s just like without any shaking everything. I’ve been wanting to count my blessings with you every day. I promise to never give up on you on asking to always. I truly [Music] [Music] [Applause] alive? [MUSIC] That’s so good! Are you happy with that? I love it, okay. That’s the best birthday present ever amazing. I love you! You’ve got a whole day now as well. Yeah, so can’t wait. I love you so much. I love these, thank you. It’s the best battlefield. Love you so much, okay, so we are dressed and ready. Spencer’s got his amazing outfit and he looks so handsome one. Yeah, and he got a really nice bracelet from my mom so nice. I love it, so we’re just going for a walk now down to the sea front. I’m gonna take Spencer to his favorite coffee shop because we haven’t been there obviously since lock down everything. And he has his favorite chai lacquer. I feel bad cause. I’ve got no more like I should have like, you know. Put them! Throughout the day, so good, been spoiled, Absolutely spoiled. She’s like, yeah, I’m so great. No more surprises. Yeah, so much I love you. Let’s go for a walk. I’ve got this cute little dress on because Spencer likes me in Mumsy dresses like this, so I literally ordered it just because he likes dresses like this and it’s white. I love you, lets. Go and have a lovely day all about you. Thank you very much, just me and my baby. Having a little walk along. Currently on seafront, the sea looks so calm, Doesn’t it, baby? So relaxing? We’re just walking to the eye kind of vibe. So yeah, cute, beautiful day. We are just sat down. Now, by the i360 is it is it? Yeah, we buy the i360 and we’ve just got our little coffees. I’ve got a black decaf iced, and he’s got nice. Chai latte. Yeah, lovely, very nice. Actually, we just thought we’d come to the seafront. So obviously there’s no seats there at the moment, but it’s nice to just chill. We need to go to the upside down house. One day. Yeah, remember, we’re gonna go and we need to go on the i360 as well. It’s smart, isn’t it it? Does it looks sick? Has anyone been on it? Let us know if you have, but yeah, we’re just waiting for Hugo and my dad to come down now as well because we’re in a bubble with them, so we’re spending time with them so distance. So, yeah, it’s really exciting. So, baby, we’re actually going on the eye. [MUSIC] [Music] [Laughter] here? We go, it’s coming down, lovely. You got it, got it got it to your smile. [music] This is amazing! Isn’t it great? Yeah, it’s so nice to be great high. I actually really enjoyed the i360 Did you like it? It was nice. It’s been really high up. Yeah, it was nice to do that because we want to do that. For so long and we’ve lived in Brighton for a while. Now, exactly, you feel like a true resident. Yes, well, you are now. Yeah, you’re a britonian. Absolutely what’s going on in this garden? Then you’ve got birthday balloons. Look, you’ve got a king’s crown. Wow, dad blew them up lucky. Boy, yes. Oh, he’s got 30 as well. Look, you ready, Spency? I wonder what it is. Yeah, have a look here we go. Oh, my god! Oh, my God, that’s what you’ve got. Jesus, Blue, Stilton, your favorite. I told her all your favorites. Oh, wow, my god, apricots, cheeses, crackers. What we’ve got in here? Oh, you’ve got bright and blue bishop and bright and blue, feta, Brie Cheddar Leicester! Oh, my god, that’s unreal. Thank you here you go. Wow, me with my baby and the king. There he is, King! Did you like your cheese board? All of a sudden we’ve changed, We’ve changed our outfits because the weathers changed a little bit, hasn’t it? Yes, it’s a little bit cloudy, but it’s still warm, though, because it’s a lot of summer. Yeah, exactly. So what’s the plan now? Angel, we’re gonna go to the beach. Yes, we’re gonna go to the beach beach, lets. Go get away! Did you do that as well? Yeah, so, yeah, we’re going to the beach. Just going to chill. I bought some non-alcoholic gin for Spencer because he loves gin. So we’re gonna have some non-alcoholic gin down there. I’m not gonna have any probably, but you will have some. Yeah, um, non-iconic gin. I got some so tonic water and some ice cubes. So we’re just gonna go down and chill by the seafront. I’m in my jogger’s loving life and we’re just gonna relax and chill out here. We’ll go for a swim. Yeah, a birthday swim. Yeah, I can’t get in there and then we’re just going to play some ball games. Have a barbecue later and chill a big family, though exactly full of love for you. So what about you, babe? It’s on the bouncer. This is the one that I got looks so nice. Isn’t it paddleboard? Do you like it? Yes, lovely. Thank you very much. I wanna give you what you like. Everything you fantasize for one moment with you, girl, I won’t know the love. [MUSIC] Playing a little game of dance in the rain on wait. Don’t worry about us, fellas. Oh, he loves it. Hugo loves it. He thinks he’s h or someone. Look, you’ve been on a video for ages you could be. He loves it, slim. Jimmy, call him now. Hit me up on a snap. Oh, my God, you’re amazing. Pop got my iced coffee. Dad’s got the barbecue on the go. Dad is an absolute g. Look, there he is. Spencer’s Got some Stilton on one of his burgers bought it. Come through with the goods. He’s good! He’s got 30 there. He’s already had a bite. He’s got the 30 Stilton, blue, lovely. Oh, wait, what he’s done for you. He’s done an awesome car. Happy birthday to you guys, wow. [LAUGHTER] [Applause] look at the grass as we’ll. Look at all that’s like, you know. I was, that’s why we were talking about my homemade cake earlier. Wow, Dad, you’re amazing. I’m kind of crying, it’s so good. Oh, my gosh, you’re amazing! Oh, my god, I’m so jealous. Oh, my god, here! He goes then big man cutting his cake. He doesn’t want to cut it. Do you know best birthday cake I’ve ever asked? Oh, this is! How Hugo is I hate it? I hate how it invites cause. They’re such a nice cake. I hate cutting them. It’s a chocolate chocolate cake. Go ahead, Ben. I’ll cut it anywhere. I’ll cut it before it. Actually, it goes off. We get that. I gotta make a wish. Can I. Yeah, make a wish. Make a wish! Yeah, you’re still married to me. Baby, sorry, always didn’t country. [LAUGHTER] Nice, baby. I’m just chewing my banana bread. The boy’s just munching. You both got matching tops on now. We’re gonna play hot seat. I love Hot C. It’s such a good game playing ball games. He’s reading my dad’s card and I guarantee he’s crying. Are you crying about dad’s car? My father-in-law’s got me! He always gets you. Oh, baby! Hey, everybody! Hello, everybody! Good evening! Sorry about my, uh, snakes. He’s done some skincare, haven’t! You absolutely done your skincare. Your ordinary stuff! Yes, gotta get rid of this redness. Hans, let’s do my nut. You’re beautiful in every way shape and form inside and out you just don’t like your skin. It doesn’t mean it’s bad. You just don’t feel comfortable with it. Yeah, I just want to get rid of it. Yeah, having a nice birthday had the best birthday ever. I’m not going to sound real, because I know I’ve said I’m real a lot. Today I have been spoiled rotten. My wife is an absolute g and yes. I’ve had the best day. It’s been the perfect day. We’ve done so much from coffee to i360 to spending time together. Uh, to get an amazing presents. Amazing cake. Yeah, I’ve seen an amazing video. She showed me that you guys will see soon. Yeah, it’s just everything just spending time with you. It’s just the best I’ve been so emotional because it just feels so special that I got to spend your day with you. Well, yeah. Where did you expect to be? No, I’m just lucky I’ve met you. Oh, yes, I’m lucky I’ve met you. I love you so much. I love you so much, okay. Well, I’m gonna leave it here, but I really hope. You’ve enjoyed his birthday vlog. Let us know if you want us to do any vlogs or any other videos together. But yeah, thanks so much for watching. Guys, I’m so grateful. Thanks for all the birthday messages on Instagram Youtube. Um, you guys are amazing. Yeah, we love you guys, okay. Did you put your hand on my boob accidentally? I don’t think so goodbye. Hi, everybody! It’s your birthday still. Yes, yes.