30 Birthday Gifts For Her | What I Got For My Birthday || My 30th Birthday Presents

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What I Got For My Birthday || My 30th Birthday Presents


[music] This is actually crazy. Like, how am I this lucky? [MUSIC] Welcome to my what? I got for my 30th birthday. Hey, everyone, and welcome back to another one of my videos as the title of this video clearly states. This video is going to be pretty much what I got for my 30th birthday this year and before I jump into this video, I’m just going to put a big fat disclaimer And that is that I am in no way trying to boast about what I got for my birthday this year. I’m doing this video because I’m the kind of person that I really love to see what other people got for their birthdays. What they got for Christmas. What other people bought them that sort of thing and I know that there are other people out there that are like me, so I thought this video could be really fun. The second big fat disclaimer I’m going to put is, although all of these presents are really beautiful, and I absolutely love all of them. The biggest gift I have received this year is the love and support of all of my friends and family and that will forever outweigh any gift that I have been given. I don’t want this video to come across as being materialistic and that I am focused on items, but it was my 30th birthday this year, and I think 30th is a big one, and maybe that’s why I got so many amazing presents this year. Um, but yeah, I just. I just want to put a big disclaimer out there. That it’s like presents are not everything and I am. Well aware of that anyways, guys. Now that that sort of nitty gritty bit is out of the way, lets. Jump straight into the fun stuff. So the very first thing I’m going to start off with. Is this mug because I’m currently drinking a cup of coffee out of it, so I got this. What is this called a monogram mug? I actually got two of them and I also got these really cute little. Um, salt and pepper shakers. That look like my two dogs. So that’s something that I got also, guys. I don’t know what’s going on with the lighting in this video. It just keeps changing. Even though I have my ring light on, I feel like it looks really dark right now, and I also feel like I look really yellow, but let’s just roll with it. Okay, so next thing I’m going to show you is what I’m currently wearing now before I explain this necklace and the meaning behind it, I’m going to quickly say there is a company called Francesca and they are a Julie jewellery company that was actually started in Hobart, Tasmania. Which is where I am from. Um, so this company does have sentimental meaning to me. Um, I’ve really loved their stuff for, like, a couple of years now. I’ve bought a few of their pieces for myself. Um, so yeah. The brand alone has sentimental value. But this piece that I’m wearing is a rose gold sunflower necklace on this really petite little bobble chain and pretty much the sentimental meaning behind this. Um, and the one that gave it to me. Is we just have this thing about sunflowers? And she always calls me like her sunflower. So when I opened that, I was very blown away by how sweet and thoughtful. That was the second thing that I’m wearing that I got. Is this bangle now? This wasn’t technically a birthday present, and I don’t know how well you can see the engraving on it, But pretty much with this bangle? Um, I got given it kind of as a birthday present, but four of my other friends also have it. One of my friends bought us each one of these bangles in our favorite metal color. So obviously mine was rose gold. Two of them got it in silver. One of them got it in gold. Um, but she had them engraved with some very special coordinates. Um, coordinates that are special to all of us and to our friendship. So that was something very close to my heart to open. Also, I’m just gonna say I’m not gonna go through. Um, these items in any particular order like I’m not gonna go like all of the jewelry at once or like all of the makeup. At once. That kind of thing I’m just literally gonna go with whatever I grab because it’s all just sitting next to me here. So the next thing that I got that shows me again. Just how well my friends know me is a Bunning’s gift card, and I know some of you you might be like. Oh, what, but this literally made my day because I love Bunning’s. Another thing that I got Is these two body washes, and these are some of my favorite body washes. They are completely vegan. They’re made in the UK and this one in particular. The creamy vanilla raspberry literally smells like a strawberry chubby chop. It is amazing now with these presents. I’m not really going to say who I got them from unless it’s completely necessary because I don’t think that anybody else out there in the world needs to know who got me what, but with this next particular present, I am going to say who it’s from because that’s why it sort of makes sense. Um, so I got this from my step sister and pretty much. It’s these two little figurines and their hands actually sort of, like clip together, and it’s her and me, and I just thought that was so sweet. I actually have this city out of my living room, so I had to go and get it. Uh, to film this video. Another piece of jewelry that I got. Is these little rose gold moon earrings and again? I have been wearing these pretty much every day since I got gifted them. The only reason I don’t have them in now is because I took them out to go to bed last night and I haven’t put them back in yet, So they go with my bangle and my necklace and some other pieces of jewelry. I really just love Rose gold. I think it is like so complimentary of my skin color, which is looking very yellow right now. Don’t know why the next thing that I got, and this box is actually empty at the moment. Um, because I am using the products. But it is the ordinary Skincare Daily set and it has three products in it and they are the products that I use every day, so it has the cleanser, the hyaluronic acid, b5 treatment serum, and also the moisturizer. So like I said, I’m already using this. Hence why the box is empty, but I thought I would just show it in the video. Another thing that I got that is vegan friendly, and I have already used this as well. Is this little mini eyeshadow kit? And these colors are so beautiful, particularly this, like ready. Brown color here. These sorts of colors just go so well with blue eyes and this is by Astralis and like I said, vegan friendly. The colors are so pigmented as well. I really like this. I like I said I’ve already used this product keeping on the theme of makeup and another Australis product. This is a doozy, And when I open this, I was like. Oh, yes, because I’m the kind of person that up until recently I haven’t liked wearing any lip colors that aren’t new, but I’ve started to change that, so I got this massive set of liquid lipsticks in all different colors again, all vegan friendly, really nice product and I have used some of these already as well. Next thing I got and I am so glad that I got this because I’ve been out of it for a while and it is my absolute favorite. Is this korre’s perfume? And it is the vanilla Freesia, lychee smell. This is literally my signature scent. Now it is a very, um, sort of like musky. Sweet, earthy, sexy, kind of smell. It reminds me a lot of Victor and Rolf flower bomb. So if you know what that smells like or if you like it. I highly recommend this plus. This is so much more affordable than Victor and Rolf, but literally signature scent so happy to get that one again been wearing it every day since I got it back on the theme of jewelry, I did get two more things from Francesca, and this one in particular, has so much meaning to me. When I opened this one, I was out to dinner with my family, and I literally started bawling my eyes out like for a good, probably two minutes. It was quite embarrassing. Um, but I’ll show you the little one first. So it’s these rose gold hoop earrings that are just embellished with these little crystals. So as you can see, they’re just a little hoop, and I don’t have any other earrings that look anything like this. So when I open these, I just was very blown away now. This one is the one that I cried about. So with Francesca. A lot of their jewelry. You can sort of, like design it and tailor it. Um, yourself like they have all different charms and necklaces and bracelets and things and pretty much. My family all chipped in to get me this bracelet, so it’s got obviously my little Scorpio symbol. The one in the middle that’s. The circle is francesca’s signature little charm that they put on all of their jewelry. It’s their logo, and then the last one that I didn’t actually realize until my family member told me is a little angel wing and I thought, oh, that’s really sweet, like that’s really cute, but then one of my family members explained to me that the little angel wing is my mum, and that’s why I started crying when I opened it at dinner and I’m not gonna cry now, but anyway, very sentimental and beautiful and again holds a lot of meaning to me. All right, just to switch it up on a different topic. Let’s go like consumables. Uh, so a couple of things I got. I got coffee from the people that know me so well. This one in particular, my friend bought from, like a really little. Um, like boutique coffee, roaster and coke. Coburg, absolutely delicious. I’ve been having this every morning this bag. I haven’t actually opened yet, but it will be next to go once I finish this one. I also got not that there’s many of them left, but I think I got about five bags of these organic vegan chocolates, and they’re all different. Um, like combinations? This one is sultanas and coffee beans. They have like hazelnuts, almonds, chocolate covered all that kind of thing, but this is the only bag left. So as you can tell obviously like those. I also got this panna organic cashew caramel. I don’t know if you would call it like a sauce. Spread that kind of thing. Um, I haven’t opened this yet, but it does look really delicious. Now, for some really cute, really sweet, really heartfelt presents, so my friend’s Mum literally made me this little sign for my birthday, and I know it’s not showing that well on the camera because of the reflection, But it says happy birthday, Maggie, 10th of November 2020 I’m gonna keep that forever. I just think that’s so special and on that same sort of theme of really special things that are done by people. My friend’s niece Drew me this picture, and it says, dear Maggie, Happy birthday 30 years. And then it says Tiger Lily and Maggie at the park playing. Is that not the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen? I want to get that framed and put it somewhere. See its gifts like that. That really mean a lot to me like, really like special little sentimental things that you can look back on years later and it just brings back like such a happy memory. Okay, next up and again just goes to show how much my friends know me. Is this gift from Peter Alexander? So if you didn’t know already? I am Christmas crazy. And so my friend brought me the cutest set of Christmas pajamas from Peter Alexander. So it’s little shorts and then a Christmas top as well and they’ve got the little Peter Zella. Peter Alexander. Puppy on them. And then also these really cute Christmas socks with little Holly bobbles on them and another gift that came with those. Is this absolutely delicious glasshouse mini candle? And this is the vanilla caramel flavor, and it smells divine. Oh, I just love like caramel. Sweet cookie smells so much on the topic of candles. I did get two more candles so I did get another glasshouse candle and this one is a gingerbread house! I think this is a limited edition glasshouse candle and it is, Oh, my God, again, just so divine and like look at that jar. Is that not freaking stunning? So that is another one that I got. I’m literally gonna be burning candles for the rest of the year. I absolutely love the candles like I have them going all the time in my house, and then this one, I’m actually shocked that my friends were able to get their hands on this. This is a bath and body works. Yes, you heard me, right. Bath and body works. Pumpkin vanilla cream candle and this candle is literally me in a candle Think, like North American Christmas Thanksgiving, spice, sweet, sugary. Oh, my god, I don’t even want to burn this one like it. It just smells so good, literally. I can sit that in my room and my whole room just smells like it without even burning it. So the next gifts that I got that I’m going to show you are a little bit different, so some of my gifts came in this box that my friend had made for me. So obviously it’s got my name, and then it’s got the sunflowers on it again. It did come from the same friend that got me the sunflower necklace, and it just opens like that really cute and I will keep that forever. Another one that I got my gifts in which, as well. I thought was really sweet, and I’m gonna keep it because I really like it. Is this almost like hessian? Um, I don’t know. Yeah, this hessian keepsake box. But the thing that makes it really sweet Is this, so I’m gonna be keeping both of those boxes because they are really lovely. Okay, let’s change it up and do clothing. So this t-shirt is dirty Because I have been wearing a lot, but I wanted to show you. My friend got it made for me so pretty much. It is the Canadian like national arms that is on the front of the Canadian passport. Love that one. I’m gonna put it back in the wash now. Though so, the next thing I actually picked up myself, my friend and I went shopping together, but she bought it for me and it. Is this really cute? Little like sports bra crop top thing in a really nice like burnt, earthy brownie. Orange color. This is so cute on and also really comfortable. The material is really soft and then the other things is. These are seamless workout leggings. So both of those are really nice. Then again, another really nice, sentimental gift. My friend had this canvas made of a picture of her and I together, so it’s just like on a little wooden block canvas, and it was a picture that we had taken together recently. And she got it done up for me so again. I’m gonna put that up in my room. Very sweet, Another two things that I got together and these. Oh, I just absolutely love both of these. Is these two books so the first one and I have been using this and this is amazing, and if you know anybody that is into journaling or gratitude, diaries or affirmations law of attraction, this daily gratitude journal is amazing like the format of it and everything it’s just fantastic. And then the other one is this social media marketing book, so it’s full of tips and little activities and stuff like that. Um, so two really thoughtful gifts that my friend got me. This is another gift that when everybody else looks at it, they’re probably gonna be like well. That’s a really boring gift, But when I opened this, I screened, and it is a one terabyte hard drive. Oh, my God, I needed this so bad because making Youtube videos. Um, there’s just not enough room on my Mac computer, and I did have another external hard drive, but I think it was only about, like 128 gigabytes and it kept filling up and I had to delete stuff. Having this bad boy is gonna make life so much easier. This is another really sentimental gift, and this is another gift that I cried when I opened it so pretty much. It is an illustration of a photo of me and four of my closest friends, and this is the last picture that we all had taken together working at Virgin Australia before some of us left and before the whole Kobe thing happened and so what she did is she had it turned into an illustration, and what’s so sweet is, um, the girl that she had it made through when she made the thing she saw that. Obviously there were other people in the picture, and so she sent my friend copy so that we could all have one so now like the bracelet that we all share with special coordinates on it, We also all have this beautiful image of us all together now and now we’re coming to the end of this video, but this is by no means the least present. And when I opened this, I was in pure shock. So if you didn’t know up until a few days ago, I’ve had an iphone 6 I have had an iphone 6 for a very, very, very long time and it served me. Well, don’t get me wrong. I’ve loved my iphone 6 but I’ve already had the battery replaced once and it was having some serious issues and I had decided that I was going to buy myself a new iphone. But then on my birthday, I opened this. I am now the proud owner of an iphone 12 and Airpods and one of the Magsafe Apple cases. I literally was in shock when I opened. That present like I was not expecting that whatsoever. I had fully intended to buy myself my own iphone. Um, and then when I opened that, Yeah, I just like I. I can’t tell you how gobsmacked I was. So that is the last of the physical presents that I’m going to show you. There were a bunch of other presents that I did. Get, um, like obviously, my friends. Mum did a whole heap of catering for a birthday picnic that I had. If you have seen my last birthday vlog, you will see footage from that picnic. I also got, I think about six bottles of like wine and champagne, like bottles of Maui bottles of my favorite rose Prosecco, Tasmanian sparkling just heaps of different wine, But pretty much all of that has been drunk. Now I also got flowers. I got balloons, vegan cupcakes. My boyfriend did also buy me a again. A really thoughtful present that makes my life so much easier. And that is a year-long subscription to a website that I use, uh, to do editing with my Youtube videos so again. Something that is not only really thoughtful, but really useful and I love useful gifts. And, of course, my boyfriend did also plan, organize pay for the most amazing, romantic birthday, getaway and again. If you haven’t seen my last video, you need to go check it out because we stayed at the most amazing place and he had had that organized like six months, and we didn’t even know if we were gonna be able to go away on that trip like restrictions in Melbourne literally changed two days before we went away on that trip. So guys that wraps up. What I got for my birthday this year as you can see, I am extremely blessed and I do not take any of this stuff for granted. Yeah, I just wanted to say thank you so much to every single person that got me a gift that wished me a happy birthday that sent me love or even if you’re somebody that has just supported me through this year because 2020 has been a challenging one. Um, but by far one of the best years of my life like I’ve never felt so loved and so supported in my entire life. So yeah, thanks so much for watching guys. I hope you have enjoyed this video. If you want to know anything about any of the gifts that I got, then please go ahead and leave a comment down below. I would love to hear from you and as always guys, if you have enjoyed this video, if you have enjoyed any of my other videos, I cannot tell you how much it would mean to me. If you subscribe to my channel, I feel so blessed every single time that I see that little subscriber count, go up and it just makes me so happy to know that there are people out there that are enjoying watching my videos and as long as you keep enjoying them. I’m gonna keep making them so until next time. Guys, lots of love, see ya.