3 Years Marriage Anniversary | Celebrating 3 Years Of Marriage | Wedding Anniversary | Cami Lowery

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Celebrating 3 Years Of Marriage | Wedding Anniversary | Cami Lowery


[MUSIC] good morning and welcome to today’s. Vlog, today is actually Wayne. An eyes, a third anniversary, which is really crazy. I can’t believe it’s already been three years. Um, it has a foam buy, but at the same time. I feel like I’ve known in my whole life, so I guess that’s funny. You know, it’s a good match. I guess, but today is Monday, and it is actually later in the evening. I think it’s almost 6:00 6:30 or 7:00 Even I just got off of work. And when I both exhausted, we were at the lake for the last four or five days with our friends, and we had such a good time with them, but now that we’re like back home. Wayne and I both are exhausted like our bodies are just so tired. It’s a long time to be like in the Sun. Where, and turn your bodies like with water activities and sports and swimming. But, um, it was like one of the best little like Mini Vacay. Zwey and I have been on so we had so much fun, but that kind of changed our plans. For today. We were gonna go out to dinner Probably to a sushi place, but Wayne and I decided that we’re both honestly, just too tired to like. I don’t even want to get ready. He just want to go anywhere, so we just thought we would order from a really good. Mexican place right down the street. It’s like literally five minutes away, and then we just eat at home and watch a movie and the bachelorettes on tonight. So maybe watch that and just relax. Hopefully go to bed really early. I didn’t end up falling asleep last night until at least three. It might have been four. Which is so bad, you guys. I I took a really late and Happ. Which is my fault. I shouldn’t have done that, but I was up all hours of the night at one point. I literally whipped out my phone, cuz. I was like I might as well be productive and like kind of do some things. And I think I finally fell asleep around. It was probably 3:30 but, um, which was insane and got up and works all day, so needless to say. I am very tired and a night in with Wayne. Honestly, just sounds perfect to me. So that’s what we’re gonna do. Um, we’re gonna go pick up our food in about 25 minutes and so. I’m we’re gonna go on a quick walk really fast. I wanted to do something to get a little exercise in since I got a little baby in me and preface that in me and, um, yeah, so we’re gonna go on a little walk. Go pick up our Mexican food and just have a quiet and relaxing night in. This is what Wayne brought for me today. Some bag of hot tamales. Because I’ve been craving those a little letter and then three roses, a red, a white and a pink. He gets me One Rose edition. How do you explain that? He gets me. Yeah, he gets me a rose a year, so we’ve been married three years, so it got three roses so cute little tradition he does. Okay, we’re gonna go on a walk to the mailbox and I gotta send these you ready. You were gonna walk come. On what is it got, the big old boat coming in hot? Such a good boy. We’re on our walk. We’re not even gonna go like half a mile because Wayne knee is hurting him. Oh, yeah, and our food’s gonna be ready, but there’s at least something, babe, yeah. He had two workouts today. So it really is for me, but we got this one with us. Too, so, gangs all here. It’s hot, very grossly humid, babe. Can you believe we’ve been together three years? You you slap about that now? But you did believe that one year. I don’t remember what year was that. Do you remember sure someone asked us How long we’ve been together and Wayne said? Oh, we’re going into our second year of marriage. I was like no we’re. Not we just finished it. He’s all confused. No, no, that’s not right. It’d be the opposite, cuz that one year. Yeah, yeah, we’re going into our third year. Yeah, yeah, yeah, so so we are now going in, okay. We are going into our fourth year of marriage. Are you happy to still be married to me? Hi, babe, blessed. Yes, caught this one with us too. Yeah, but I so showed Jax earlier now. I’m showing the bump. I’m getting out there. A hot wing. I’ll show you guys what my bump look like. I’m 22 weeks. I am currently 22 weeks. Pregnant baby is the size of a eggplant. Is that what they’re called? Mean, they’re green and black, like, Yeah, eggplant. So he’s getting up there. I definitely have a belly now. You can definitely tell. I’m pregnant, but I think it’s kind of cute that I’m twenty two weeks on July 22nd our anniversary. Hey, guys! Wayne, just go back with dinner. We made up our little plates happy. Anniversary, baby. I love you! I got two quesadillas here and Wayne has three over there and we got chips in case. So, oh, yank, walk! Oh, my gosh! It looks so good. I cannot wait to eat and watch. The Bachelor. All I want to do is be with you, baby. There’s our Glock, So we are finally in bed. We’re in bed pretty early. We’re gonna watch a movie. It’s actually called secret. Obsession looks really good on Netflix. So we’re gonna watch that, but what did we do the rest of me? Honey, just have dinner no, sir. I’ve had some good dinners. Relax, which is what? I think. We both wanted it. After a long week. Yeah, we’re both super tired. We had a really long last few days. I think I mentioned it earlier, but we went to the Lake House with some friends, so we had pretty much all day of Sun and water for, like, 4 days, so it definitely wears you out. But, um, and we, neither of us slept good last night, so we’re both pretty exhausted, but hopefully we’ll get some good sleep tonight. Go to sleep after this movie. And then it’s mom. I got it! I want to say this was like the most relaxing night, though. I loved it. OK, babe! Where do you think we’ll be next year on our fourth anniversary? I think we’ll be in the same spot. Just a little bit richer and we’ll have a baby. Yeah, that’s you. We’ll have a seventh month old or something like that. Oh, no, he’ll be like eight of the eight months old next year. How crazy is that? I can’t wait but three years in the book. And there you go. Yes, exactly, okay, love, you happy. Anniversary love. You B anniversary, three down, baby. Okay, guys, that is it for this video. Thank you, guys for watching or a third anniversary. What we did even though we did not do much. But, um, this is the perfect night just to relax so really thankful for that and next year. We’ll have a little a little man with us. Hey, okay, thanks for watching. See you guys in the next video. Bye, God. Buzz [Music] [Applause] [Music].

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