25th Silver Wedding Anniversary | Best 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary Of Allen & Jolly


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Best 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary Of Allen & Jolly


The key word for our celebration. This morning is found in that line. Build your house on Wrath. Indigo in Thailand is a lunatic. Oh, Simba hand. Especially Manila Cathedral, 25 years ago. It wasn’t hard Indica [Music] but there’s a harvest a job. This is the day that the Lord has made for. Today Is our Thanksgiving and celebration of our love. Your 25 years of marriage. Jolyon Allen is right here in disputes behind you. It is in the daughters you’ve raised in the family. You’ve nurtured [Music] brain. It masane was there, do you? He’s just among milestones of me when I’m in the shower. They may be alumni. Harbin, untidy year wedding anniversary. So it is the day. Bro, is that day The Lord has made. So my decision coming. Celebrate, Toss a billion possess a lot medallion now, but now. I mean, think it’s a lot so, Mommy, I along just like a time. If there is any secret to making a marriage last, I may be that. Is it renewing it? Daily six years of being sweethearts and 25 years of marriage? Thank you for loving me unconditionally. I really consider myself the luckiest guy because I I really have Jolly to be the best thing that ever happened to me. Chae-young example by an empanada. Sorry mo. I I hung down my mother in the universe. In a moment, you will renew the vows. You made to one another 25 years ago. Wear this ring as a sign of my love and loyalty in the name of the Father and of the Holy Spirit, amen. I checked it for tonight. Yeah, yeah, pelagic on Sina Sbisa. Yo yo! Anu Kaya, amiable, booting Nagawa, Hosanna Cara and combative Kazakian. Vinny guy Jose. Our love story is true. The test of time [Music] Johnny! Do you really you’re married now? Infidelity who Alan before God in this community [Music] Alan, do you affirm you marry love and fidelity for Johnny before God and this community? Yes, I mean, you are my first. My one true love. And the last [Music] no make sure [Music] I promise to stand by you and hold your hand tighter until we finish our journey in this world and to the next, I will love you more to the end [Music] Allen and Jolly! What more can I say you have build your house? Happy anniversary. God bless you! [MUSIC] Oh, you Gon corner Unix in Quarantine S. El Camino, 1994 23 pan and size my yarn and Renato 34 Nyota Yes, or not. After 25 years. I can’t remember, We’re even kidding for anyone party. [MUSIC] Castle Happy 25th anniversary in Deena’s Boggle Tournament Committee by Para Hammock, a big and Nagi B : Baba in the middle co-starring boo. Hi, Pawtucket and Mama [Music] your turn, the swings days with you. I’ve never been [Music]. Stay right here with you through this. [music] acute lopaka by evening, Joe started Lahontan pinon arachnid in a twin aggression mansion. I’ve in Laguna So brass Sbrocco kumi-sama sang charlatan. I was to, UM, the meet in Paris. I used about perfect because lung mobile. Nominal codes are in bhai pathology that mammalian under cooling ending a cooking boy. [MUSIC] Your time [Music] the sweetest days and found a burn with you. I’m now [Music] [Music] really truly [Music] let us continue to keep Christ in our hearts and in our me to you. I love this through. Yeah, [Music]!