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2018 Wedding Invitation Trends | Coqui Paperie


And welcome back well. Every great wedding starts with a great invitation, and the styles are endless. It helps you set the tone and the theme for your big day. So by using custom elements like dyed ribbons and wax seals, brides and grooms can really make the invite their own. Elizabeth Webber and Denise Merkel are the mother-daughter team behind Cokie Paper II And they know all the invite trends. And they’re gonna clue you in on. What’s a big deal this year. Welcome back to the show, you guys. I love it when you guys are here because I think everything you do is so beautiful. It’s so unique. A lot of it’s custom. I mean, everything is just awesome and you really feel. This sets the trend and the tone for your wedding day, right. Yeah, it’s really the first thing that your guests see you. When about your wedding so that lets them know how formal it’s gonna be if it’s gonna be more of a casual and what kind of attire to wear as well. I love that, so let’s start with some of the really neat elements that you brought. Handmade paper is a trend and you can go truly handmade paper or you can go an element like you make, which has got handmade edges off regular paper, right, so this is an invitation with some watercolor elements and printed on handmade paper, and then this invitation here shows some watercolor elements as well with the wax seal and silk ribbon, but this is printed on cotton paper, and then we hand deckled the edges, so it has the same kind of ordeal, but a little bit of a different vibe. Sonne in the wax seal on there. I think is such a unique custom element. You’ve got wax seals. You do those dyed ribbons. You do vintage custom stamps. You do all these kinds of things, even venue illustration. Yeah, so this is actually a Ram Horn farm. I painted you painted up. Yeah, it’s him today. Oh, my gosh, you got to get a shot of that right up here. Okay, won’t wait, okay, so you painted this? So this is an actual illustration of where they’re getting married. Yep, oh, my gosh, that is so cool so people can do custom things like that. That truly like you said. I mean, are second to none. Yeah, and that really sets the tone and gives it something personal for each custom client. Yeah, what do you like about laser-cut? Because this is a cool trend to sort of that lace lace. Look, on-trend. Yeah, there’s lots of different color or different styles fairly as they’re cut, and this is one of the pocket elements, but it gives kind of a different feel and it’s. Something just unique gives it kind of a vintage vibe. Yeah, let’s kind of open and close this a little bit. I want you all to see kind of what you’re looking at, So there’s this the laser-cut, and then you open it up, so it’s like that, not beautiful. I love it, that’s gorgeous. Foil is a big thing, metallics different things like that, Those are also watercolor options are really big trends. -, yeah, and I’d say the metallics just continue to be strong. We’re doing Rose, gold and copper We’re doing. Silvers Were doing the glitter elements. This is one of the New Year’s weddings. So for our New Years, it counts down ten, nine, eight, seven, six all the way down and then inside and you can see some of this beautiful stuff inside. The envelope is where you see that glitter. So festive clearly tells you. Hey, this is. New Year’s Eve, right, yeah, and then that’s got gold foil inside as well. So bringing in the extra little bling, That’s beautiful. Talk about some of the signage next to you because I think this is something that’s really makes a statement when people walk in, and they see a seating chart or a wedding party. You sign like this mm-hm’m right this? This goes along with this invitation. Elizabeth hand-painted it and also is a custom Annika. Custom Monogram. Thank you very much all the way out there. You see the matching one right, and then, instead of having little escort cards for a table. If you don’t have any meal options that you have to point out, it’s a great way to escort the customer’s lover the the guests to their seats. Yeah, so they come in. They find themselves on there. They know exactly where they’re seated. The wedding party. As well kind of tells you a little bit more down there, It’s so neat, so this is something. I wonder about, and it’s all about the envelope and addressing things. What kind of ink you’re supposed to use? What’s sort of popular right now? Yeah, we do a lot of the white ink. We actually have a printer that can be any white and color on dark. We can kind of make it look like calligraphy as you’ll see on the envelope over here, and we also do offer hand calligraphy as well such a. I mean, that’s one of the things Molly said is so in is that calligraphy old is new vintage items. I’m sure you see coming back. Yeah, the vintage stamps are really great, especially because, oh, that’s cool. All the vintage stamps. Oh, yeah, go for mailing. Yeah, me can color-coordinated to go with the invitation or even pick a themes like. If you love to travel, we can find travel stamps. We can also do custom stamps. Yeah, you guys are actually launching something new, right, and this is a collection of invitations. Yeah, so we’re launching the collection bag. Koki, where you can pick invitations that we’ve already designed. So it’s an easy way to still have a little bit of customization without a truly custom price point. What do you love about working with your daughter? In this business, we’ll get to spend time with her and see her talents come to life, and it was really fun, creating fun and interesting invitations for people. Yeah, what do you love it about hearing from brides and grooms about your work, oh? I mean, my favorite thing is when the brides and grooms actually pick up their invitations. I love seeing their faces, and I love hearing the reactions from the guests as well. Yeah, I asked you during the break. The timeline people should send out a save the date six to twelve months before. Yeah, and I’d say part of that depends on the time of the year. If you’re gonna be in your holiday, you want to send it a little bit earlier for destination weddings and then you should send out the invitation about six to ten months ten weeks. Well, yeah, six to ten weeks, so they can help you with all that, so you know the etiquette, the proper stuff and make it truly custom and amazing, so right now. You’ve got this free digital guest addressing for your invitation envelopes. If you mentioned the morning blend, so you can do that and book your invitations through cokie Papery and mention the morning blend. You can get that special right now. You’re at the wedding fair. Your boost. Number 507 shop Kococom is the website for more for one four three, six 92589 Call today! Figure out what you want. You got to get on it. You got to get the custom stuff. Make it special, make it unique. Make it custom. Thanks for being. Thanks for having us. Thank you so much, appreciate it.