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Making Of Semi Naked Hochzeitstorte - Hochzeitstorte Seminaked Tutorial - Kuchenfee


I’m all nice that you stop by for this Very special video. We’re doing the making of two wedding cakes at the same time because both cakes are for the Saturday. We’re planned, that means both my friends have independent. Of course, married from each other. And yes, how the wedding of Staffel was. It shows up at the end of the video if you want to see it. Let’s start with the theoretical diameter and height all the way up important. I used the same springform pan for both cakes and that! But the wall is the same height for different numbers of guests. We’ll come back to that in a moment, but we definitely have a diameter now. I have discussed a total of six times the amount. My biscuit recipe is a whole lot like me, you can see that. I have divided it up and I have buttercream. Altogether also six times the amount posted and also classified. As that. Will You see afterwards, exactly like this, then? Let’s talk about that. Speak number of guests as already noted, and that was with Nadine and Fabian Planned 80 people and 80 guests and the VC was around 4pm to coffee and cake. That means you need a little more answer because that. In contrast to the example where 100 people were there, people actively eat more. But the whole thing was eaten for dessert at 8 pm. That is the probability that everyone eats cake or a lot is a little lower and so I could answer the same amount for both create. What you see here now is that I mean clear in both stones have twelve eggs That means twice the recipe of my biscuit amount and it will be finished right now and then put in my rings here distributes that means exactly how much ends up in each ring and which one. I always discriminate for which ring I hit difficult to say. I just always like a huge amount of people and distribute them which, then on all the things that I have is so simple that it already has with me. The first hit is not enough, so I have to do the whole thing again. Make to fill my last two rings here completely. And the whole thing is completely wandered into the oven. Is that baked? Well, in the meantime? I already have my buttercream prepared. That means here. I have mine again. In both machines, protein and sugar clamped in, that was also double the amount. And then I have already prepared my buttercream. The whole thing is on. Thursday happens Thursday, so prepare the floors and buttercream preparation Here is now Friday. That means floors are completely cold, Obviously one night later and I can now start with the stack the filling with the stop with all the important came yes. I don’t even know where I should start. That means the first thing. I’ve done is all mine. Bottom loosened from the rings clear, then cut that I am beautiful, had even floors, and then the whole thing hiked to fill. Different fillings are incorporated into the cakes by the fact that we seminar cache. I didn’t want the fillings outside squeeze and possibly influence my color. So that means I have always a white buttercream wrestling around it. And then it came a normal filling packed. What I did what I did here in? The spray bottle is just a bit of syrup. In my case, it is the one stop that is a completely normal. Sugar syrup made from 121 sugar to water. That means you can say make 1 liter of water and take a liter of sugar boil. Open the full carrot and let it cool down and then use it for drinking. The flowers is so easy already. I’m always drinking my drink a bit more economical, but doesn’t want the woman to hesitate calling the cakes. I am and it is enough. That one cannot gloss over that either. I don’t want them to be extra dry. Because of that? Thank you very little so that they get a bit of moisture. Do not exaggerate so far. The syrup runs out below that. I always feel very much important. What I’m doing here now. Is you see mine? My ring is not high enough. That means what I really like to do is simply pull the ring up. Push while I spread my cake and drop fill, and then this brings my buttercream up. Just after I’m with the I sent spirit level whether it is really straight, then upstairs, peel off nice and smooth and then pack the whole thing in the cooler, and so I have actually made with all the cakes that I wanted to show you because of the vacation actually wanted something like a bee sting. We have that means that is, of course, a bit difficult and heard to incorporate in warm weather with partly close. It’s cream filling that means. I advised against it. Which, of course I did is my vanilla used buttercream and a Florentine break just above it brooded, and yes, that was it, then as far as I then have all the cakes complete. It was filled in the morning and then I put it in the fridge during the day that I’m really crisp and cold and this was where it was in the afternoon. Then I started spreading my cakes. Because we have Kitkat at seminars that is actually about painting a pretty simple thing that means repainting the majority of it once again, peel off the floors, A little bit through someone and that’s it have now done the same. As in the wedding seminar, wedding cake goes from, Ford struck the cakes last year or even that works out. I really tried most of it with firm pressure on my Japan spatula to lose weight again. This arises from it, but of course that we have so many crumbs in our buttercream and not like that looks tidy and generally a line still looks that way a bit out, so I removed most of the once coated put in the cooler, and then I don’t know after serenading on two the whole thing again Very, very thinly painted that we just one. I think I have something cleaner and not so many anymore. See crumbs, but that’s about it. I’ll see that I’ll give you. The the door! Here, in particular, is always asked to be properly wrapped in link the infobox. If you are not using it properly, so just link it to the Buttercream is not tight enough to your splashes of euro. Toques then drops that unfortunately always has a bit of a downward trend, but it always takes some practice. I still find it very helpful. Then maybe an investment for worth the one or the other good. You see in any case, yes? It was a long day for me. I’m still here on Fridays. I’m still mine pies completely on the spreading on the majority of the peel off. When I’m here at the the first time I peel off my cakes. Then I take this cream that I use got underneath where all the crumbs are inside by one separate bowl that I am now here at the second round, where we are now with are not again on the cake and then again, this one. So I’m always a bit picky about the cream. The share in the first round does not come back in my remaining cream. I am now here for the second time on painting. I’m very, very frugal and also do that with a relatively soft one buttercream, which I partly about my water was even a bit because I did. I always make it important to me and then paint it in as normal. Of course it comes to stacking, and as you may have seen when we did that started with the film of the cakes is that I am under the cakes already. Grab my rigid foam sheets and then locate an insert mine. God, that means under all cakes, except for the two big ones. There is now one hard foam sheets, so that. I have really stable cakes, and now here at the stacking, I take such wood logistics here that I will try out, wanted to have a really good cut with a normal one pliers and I now use them for stacking normally, you know, but I actually always use these very thick ones. Babbel straw with this at Ikea or something that always works still excellent, and I will continue to work there if I am. It was precisely these wooden sticks at the start that we’re very practical. They were just actually for so know. The apple and so were intended to be stacked right off. It will continue next week on top. That is, of course, also correct, nice and crisp cold so that everything is nice and stable as you can see and. Also here under the cake is, of course, this hard foam sheet underneath so that everything can be stacked really nicely. Everything nicely is stable and I do not stop back and forth where image and world whatever to me. It is important, especially with such nickel or seminar corner text that the bird call something of the actual cakes that are then on top of each other. Stand that they got the passed sealed. That really nicely, that means. I went over it again. With buttercream whole with my Japan spatula peeled off again that the simply uniform looks and we down there, No weird holes or anything We have to, of course, not so pretty. I did that when answering came then. Now, the last floor on top and what I didn’t do with the cakes. I usually pack in everything. A cake is always very, very long stick from top to bottom because both cakes didn’t have to travel long so we had to. Only driving the car for 20 minutes each time. I felt stronger for it, but now saved through all the cakes in these projects normally. I would do that too if someone were to ask. I stacked both cakes completely and packed them in the fridge. That means my cake is here where I now order. This trip, really nice and cold trip is now set relatively quickly when it comes to my cake as I used a normal milk chocolate to drop the mass here whole milk and just put a corner of bisky in there or palm trees. In case you have that there and just watched that. I got a nice consistency on a not so nice side of the cake. The whole thing was tested once. Consistency fits, And that is where you started my tip to apply. The whole thing is super super easy looks simply that the trip may not be quite even including the distances and the countries of their papers that everything is a bit different. But all in all, I don’t think that’s the easiest thing to do. Easiest thing. I’ve done here in all places, but applied this trip. What then was more elaborate was, of course that I got the completely gold. I had to paint in a video. How it works a few months ago. I just showed myself a little powder color. Golden powder color dissolved with alcohol and each one stripes then painted by hand. And then we came here to what I then had to do. Because I wasn’t there for Nadine and Fabian at their wedding could be. I can be myself on two days. It was almost super super. A pity that I was. The one cake here had to be completely finished, that means. I have here my cake with places. My flower’s all completely in mine cake packed in the flowers. Here I got them from. Nadine has previously picked up at the florist. That means your florist has more studies on side. Put what I can use and the rest of the flowers are just for. Your bridal bouquet. And the whole decoration have been used and so is natural. Also, everything is super Nice thematically. Everything fits together, what I do. I always find it nice when I want to know how. I am with real porten. No, I work with real flowers on cakes. I link you up in the info card times the video. I posted about it ages ago, but I will probably get something out of it in the course of the next few weeks update. Because I really have to add one or the other now. Say yes, what we basically just have to pay attention to that. You do not use poisonous places, no strong flowers and best of all. Put the flowers in a straw beforehand and then put the whole thing in the flower is stuck, that’s it. Actually, that’s how I got the cake completely put in the refrigerator until the next morning until delivery and how it works. I’ll show you in the next clip. Do not transport my cake So that my salary has to forego and that joints are. Then we went to the Wasserburg 20 minutes. Away, beautiful location Looks best yourself to [music] our house, then set up on site for the macarons as well as the cupcakes. I’ve posted recipes to you quite often, but I’ll be happy to do them too. At the bottom of the infobox link, the buttercream that is on the cupcakes buttercream that eats in the cake, which makes the whole thing Super super easy next question that keeps getting asked shortly afterwards. How the cake is stable, even though it has been refrigerated for four hours and is like it is. I’ve already given you one about Portioning and portioning video posted how it all works? I’ll link that to you in the info card above. Because that’s great, super easy here. What now, strangely, so that the guests just cut it myself, even though I offered to do it portion and at some point, Charle’s uncle took the knife and that then made it for the others, and he has never done it like that before, but did it right. Well done today that he then climbed. The topic is a very small one bit over given, so my calculation was correct again. We have then enjoyed the evening so completely. Sharia, four hearts. Thank you times that! I was allowed to be a guest celebrating with you. I think I was still never at such a beautiful wedding. It was just great, love. Thanks, yes. That was it with the video. I’m curious what you have to say. I’d like to write that in the comments. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Don’t forget to listen to the info box. Watch for all the recipe links and tool links and otherwise would. I wish we see you in the next video. What is your life doing?

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