11 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift | 11 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift


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11 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift


Where are we so? I think many women would like to have flowers and a nice dinner. Maybe a new dress for their anniversary gift. Nah, Mrs. W. What do you like? Let’s go hiking. I’d love to go backpacking. We are hiking on the PCT today and Mrs Rancor. Starr likes to follow the rules, so she’s filling out the form. I do not and Jack. What do you think this is? The heart racers first time in the snow. And she is just going crazy out here. How long can she keep it up before? I have to carry her, that’s. Beautiful, so it’s just probably just above freezing. Probably what you suppose. 336 degrees or so. Yeah, and it’s colder than anticipated, So I pulled up an emergency kit in the car, and that’s what I’m wearing. So the Pacific Crest Trail is a coast to trail on the West Coast that goes from Canada to Mexico, the National Scenic Area. And it is absolutely beautiful, So it’s pretty nice here. There’s just little thin patches of snow, nothing more than an inch deep, a lot of cleared spots, but a nice thing about coming out this time of year is you don’t have to see anyone. There’s some bright shoes you got there. Clarence, so this is kind of cool. We have three different types of trees here. Can you name them? How about that? One right, there, hemlock, dark fur, Western redcedar. So we’ve got a lot of different things, and it’s kind of fun to see it in the snow. So right here is bear grass, and we’ve got Indian great right over there, and you’ve got a snag right here or you can grate. Yeah, when I say oh, yeah, behind a suit in a windstorm, You would know very dangerous. Yep, so interesting thing about the bear grass. It’s a real problem because it’s there’s so much demand for it in our clan scapes landscaping that people come up in and steal it on the forest. Oh, yeah, they make full-time business. It’s very expensive to spare grass so we should never be able to to be able to walk this trail this time of year. This early, our mountain has what six percent of its annual snowpack typical. Yeah, so we’re looking at probably a a wildfire season this year. This is unprecedented! You need to get goats, don’t! We goose the fire eight. This is bit crest trail signs in the tree. So this is our one spot. How’s it look to you, Jack? So what did you bring village pastrami cheese crackers and tell them whichever. And deli turkey. I have a special treat for Jack, thank you. Jeff, I don’t think there’s anything better camping than cheese and crackers. Wow, you got Playa thing going on there. What’s that, pastrami and Nick? Every other little cheese? That’s a meal fit for a Viking. I really wish I had some veggies. Get those when I get home. I think there’s no. Is it wrong to share how we bribe Jack to to hike long distances? This is not bribery. This is common sense, so I have a special treat for Jack, Which is typically a candy bar. Yes, does it work every time? Absolutely anyone Who says you shouldn’t bribe? Children has never had children, hey! I want to tell you the story of the hemlock, you know it. So do you know the story of the hemlock tree? Tell me the this cone. See this little cone right here. Yes, that’s a hemlock cone. That’s the smallest cone of the conifers, and there’s an Indian legend on how it came to be that the hemlock receives such a small cone because it’s such a such a huge tree. Tell me you know it well. When God was giving out pine cones to all the trees, they were all standing in line, and the hemlock was greedy, and the hemlock kept nudging forward and cutting into line and pressing itself forward, trying to get thinking that it would get a better cone it cheated and got to the front of the line when finally it stood before. God, it realized God had God realized what he had done, he said. Hemlock, because you have been so greedy. You go back to the very end of the line, and so when the hemlock finally got his turned up before God, he was issued the last and the smallest of the cone you look at a hemlock tree. You’ll see you can always tell the top of it Because its top is bent over like this in shame for its actions and the reward of its actions was the small cone. What a tragic story! Well, it’s true or not. I thought the heart racer would be kind of a small like a wimpy little lapdog ankle biter type of dog. But she’s not she’s. Uh yeah. Jimmy, she’s she’s very tenacious. She’s very courageous. And Lizzie goes over the lock and she goes under. Oh, it’s funny! How these little dogs? They sure do bring pleasure to your life, Don’t they? It’s almost like it’s a It’s a comic comic relief in a very serious world to see them on their pants on. Oh, I think she’s a descendant of the penguin. We call her nicebutdi’m not notice, Smart dog, but she’s very sweet. Heart rate, sir. She’s smart, though, little, so the gloves that Jack has on our my gloves, actually, but his hands were pulled and their reindeer gloves that have had them 20 years, so I’ve done a poor job of sewing them up when the holes have arisen. So where do you? Where does one get reindeer gloves? I’m you get them at the Vasaloppet festival. Oh, well, you won’t find those on the Amazon store you won’t, but you will find them in Sweden for poor Papa. Sorry, no, no, these were distant. No, no, they while the reindeer reindeer hide. So that would do from the Sami Indian. But they are from Muro’s area. Now you spent some time with the Sami Indians. Who are the Sami Indians? I don’t know that I spent some time that I went up to you. Look, a couple of times for the festival and the Sami are the indigenous population of Finland, Norway, Soviet former Soviet Union and Sweden and they follow the reindeer. They do across the borders. And these are the gloves with me where I don’t know if they wear them, but I do. Well, They’re not waterproof. They are not waterproof for their deliciously warm. The heart racer has reached their limits. Lucy, did you ever think you would own a dog? That needs a jacket or a sweater. No, how did you end up with a lapdog? I do love love. The heart raiser. Well, somebody’s got to be dysfunctional. So this right here. Mama, see that tree right there. That is what we just planted, that’s. The Western red. That’s what we put the cages around, don’t. Tell me why you like this hike today? Maam, and it was my favorite people. Happy anniversary. I love you, you you.